The most recognizable of all the M40 Rifles, the M40A1 saw service from the late 70’s through early 2000’s. Having been dragged and dropped in the mud and across rocks on every continent and terrain for over 24 years, the A1 proved its rugged durability. And with the internet awash with build parts and the actual issued scopes readily available at auction, there is no better time to acquire this legend and a piece of history. Long live the king.

M40A1 Build Cost – $2000.00*

M40A1 Clipslotting only – $275.00

-Add $100 if customer is supplying a previously bedded stock

* This price is for labor on a 100% mil-spec rifle with the customer supplying all necessary build parts.

* WE DO NOT SUPPLY ANY PARTS FOR BUILDS. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

* Any missing screws, bad ejectors, etc. will add to this cost.

* Stamped barrel book is available for an additional cost.

M40A1 Parts List

6 digit or E or G series Remington 700 Receiver

Mcmillan HTG M40A1 Stock – (Ultimate Collector Bonus – Find an original USMC ‘Smear’ Return Stock)

Hart or Schneider M40A1 USMC Barrel

Remington 700 Recoil Lug

Winchester Model 70 Floor Plate and Trigger Guard (Post64 or Pre64 please make sure both parts are the same style for proper fitment)

Early Pressed Trigger

MRT Leather Sling

M40A1 Lugged Scope Mount and M40A1 Simrad Cap

Issued Unertl MST-100 (USMC – Sniper)
US Optics MST-100 (USO Sniper)