The first of the M40 rifles came out of the necessity for a reliable long range weapon. Carried through the jungles of Vietnam, this is the weapon that wrote the rulebook for scout snipers. Your the connoisseur that prefers the vintage feel of a handcrafted wood stock. You want to know where it all started and what it felt like. You also want reliability and repeat ability. Look no further, your search has ended with a classic taste of simplicity.


M40 Parts List

6 digit Remington 700 Receiver

Walnut M40 Style Stock. Price DOES NOT include any stock work other than bedding, does not include finish shaping or finishing.

Douglas Barrel-Chrome Moly Remington Varmint Contour. I recommend a finish turned

barrel blank of Air Gaged Quality. DO NOT ORDER STAINLESS STEEL, Stainless does not

accept Parkerizing which is the correct finish for the M40 rifle.

**NOTE: When ordering from Douglas let them know barrel finishes at 24″. **

Remington 700 Recoil Lug

Remington 700 Bottom Metal (prefer M40 Bottom Metal but can work with standard Model 700)

Redfield 40X Scope Base with 1-64 Rings

Early Pressed Trigger

Redfield 3×9 Accurange